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Here goes...


Ted - you are great, but stop playing favorites
Larry - its called deodorant
Jessamyn - saying hello will not make you less of a person
Ashley - words can't even describe what a horrible, soulless person you are
Liz - we all know you're better then the rest of us, you've made that clear
Peter - man whore
Ali - admit you're cheating and lets move on
Helen - stay the FUCK out of my life
Robin - you're the worst gossip of all
Jen - its ok to not be sunshine all the time
Meg - you have no idea what REALLY goes on when you're not around
Austin - you're a riot but slow down, its not a race
Mark - thank you for being a pillar
Katie - I like you, everyone else hates you, I like BECAUSE everyone else hates you
Jimmy - be real about how you really feel, for once
Bella - stop snorting crack
Brian - get a watch
Samsal - cheating man whore
Ash h - we're friends not enemies, stop trying to one up everyone
Josh - EVERYONE hate you, FYI
Viv - everyone makes mistakes, it being supportive that makes you a good person
Jake - why do you work if you never want to be there
Kopp - you're not better then everyone else, so pull the stick out of your ass!
Alex - try harder
Sean - wow I hate you
Jose - ass hole is just the beginning
Jessica - opening your legs to every dick at the bowl will not make you a better server
Derek - you're gay, we get it
Amber - you're a drunk, get some help
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