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Even More

::So if the Bowl drama was not enough the show has hit new heights::

::Tech is stressful enough but with the addition of an unheard of request, I'm really pissed::

::All due respect to this company and the volunteers that dedicate their time but my job entails certain things and when you take away one of the most important things that you hired me for just to "give the board op something of interest to do" that's crossing a line for me::

::While the problem will be 'addressed' on Monday, I have eighteen million other things on my plate too. So this bull shit is the LAST thing I need::

::I really don't want to burn a connection here but I feel like I need to not only stand my ground but be steadfast, unmoving - "no matter how hard the wind blows the mountain cannot bow to it"::

::Nevertheless I must move on. I went into the bowl today to BEG someone to cover my shift tomorrow night b/c I have tech. One of the people with seniority told me she already asked everyone to cover her shift and no one would - so I was most likely screwed::

::To her horror I found someone who was willing to work a double for me, which ROCKS!! like you can't understand because I simply would not have been there and gotten in a lot of trouble for it. She seemed REALLY pissed but she's kind of a bitch anyway so I don't feel bad::

::So that's it, my life all fucked up, but what else is new, right. Hope all had a good fourth, much merriment and such::
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