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Moving into Fall

::Update time, I guess::

::BOYFRIEND is over, the show was fun and I met a lot of great people, but I'm glad I have my life back, for a while anyway::

::The AGATHA CHRISTIE ONE ACTS went up and down without too much drama, I'm glad that was nice and quick::

::VIRGINIA will audition soon and that will take over my life::

::Em has officially decided to move in with Ryan, which I knew was going to be the case, and I'm glad she finally decided so I can look for a new place - and maybe a new roomie::

::I'm looking for a second job. The Bowl is great but I'm not making the money I need to and with the new show starting I know I won't get good shifts::

::And I'm looking for a new place, probably solo, I'm really not sure. I need a new car, mines getting pretty bad but I can't afford it::

::I have a boy interest, he's great, but really unwilling to commit, which is the story of my life, right - awk!::

::I guess thats that, not a whole lot of anything::
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