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'bout time

::Alrighty, so its been about a month since I last posted::

::The bowl is going well, I'm getting ok shifts despite my "fall from grace". This little karmic bite in the ass being me getting rated (secret shopped)and getting a perfect and then less then a week later getting, well, a not perfect; which is quite unacceptable. But now, two weeks later, after two more shops on other servers with worse scores then mine the hope is that my indiscretion is forgotten (although I have a feeling nothing is forgotten there)::

::Personal stuff is a whirlwind. I seeing a guy but we're not dating. Well we're dating but not in a relationship and - its just really stupid and I'm kind of fed up. He's great and I think we are great together but something isn't fitting right and that scares me::

::I'm into my Xmas show now and its already off to a rocky start. Two leads backed out and now we are scrambling - uck! I'm really looking forward to Oklahoma, can you believe it?::
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