Tika (tika_faeri) wrote,


::My lease is up in a month. Emily and Ryan have found a new place and are getting their new keys on Wednesday. Leaving me to stress and freak out about not being able to find ANYTHING suitable. I really hate this, I need to find a place NOW::

::My schedule at the bowl is really weird, some really great shifts and some bad. Its hard to say whether this is a symptom of my poor shop or if this is the way he's doing it now. I know most people are getting odd shifts too. Like this girl who ALWAYS got what she wanted is now getting bad shifts, so I guess he's just trying to even the score::

::I'm falling behind of stuff. I have a really long to do list that's kind of kicking my ass. Plus I've been feeling sick too, so that does not help::

::VIRGINIA rehearsals have started and so my days are very full. OKLAHOMA is no more. Chan dinner theatre got our rights yanked b/c they though we were a threat so now what we are going to do for the spring musical is TBA::

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