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Forever and a Day

::I know I do a lot of complaining of this journal, and not much else. I'm not even posting as often as I should or could. That said I REALLY need to get this latest irritant off my chest::

::I've been employed at Big Bowl for almost a year now. I think I have proven time and time again that I am a hard worker, I'm here to make money, and in this business the way to do that is to be a team player. Yeah ok its lame but its what gets you noticed by management and gets you the good shifts so you CAN make money::

::Quite a while ago I got secret shopped twice within 5 days of each other. Its a long shot to get shopped at all so to get shopped twice in a week is NUTS and totally unheard of. Nevertheless I did and my first shop was a perfect 5, my second a not-so-perfect 4. Unfortunately that not-so-perfect shop put me in a bit of a cage. No matter how hard I worked or tried to show I deserved better shifts all I was really doing was beating my head against the wall. I was really feeling beat down and defeated::

::When I got my review, about 2 months ago, one of the major things my GM said was that lately I was a pretty extreme roller coaster. My good days were great and my bad days were really obvious and everything they dislike in an employee. That meeting, while being a bit fruitless in trying to express concerns of mine, did open my eyes to their concerns. Ever since I've tried very hard to play by the rules so to speak. I'm not a good liar, and I'm NOT a good actress, I can't pretend to be jolly when I'm not and I can't hide when I'm pissed but I can tell myself that if I don't go in there everyday with a good attitude I won't make money and that defeats the purpose of going in at all::

::So last week I got secret shopped again, and what do you know, a perfect 5, total praise right across the board! How do you like that! So sure enough the new schedule comes out and almost like magic my 2-3 first cut shifts a week turn into 5-6 closing/late cut shifts! Practically over night I'm all of a sudden valued! That fucking shop did more for me in 5 seconds then all my caged, wall beating efforts of the last 11 months! Presto!::

::Now today I go in for a lunch shift and find out one of my closing shifts (which for me are quite coveted since I've been begging for them for months) is duel scheduled; meaning someone else is also scheduled to close in the same section in that same shift - how irritating, although not the most agitating part of my afternoon. The other server scheduled along side of me keeps making these comments about how she's so hard up and she's finally getting closing shifts again ("again" b/c she left the company for 5 months and then returned only about 3 months ago). And then another employee starts in on me, 'oh well I KNOW "coworker A" won't give it up so you two'll have to rock paper scissor it or something b/c I know she won't give it up - unless you'll give it up? Will you give it up?'::

::On and on and on, from both of them. While trying to take these comments in a way that does not make it sound like they both think I should give up my shift, they just keep coming at me. Really? Really? Is this what I get to deal with now? I finally start getting noticed and so along with 'em I get these backhanded comments? Yes we both got it and yes we both deserve it but that does not mean that one of us should be underhandedly bullied. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!::

::In all honestly I know that they both were just trying to help resolve the situation. The bystander just trying to see if I'd graciously bow out (which lets face it, do I ever graciously bow out?) and my co-scheduled friend was just trying to get her shift, I'd have probably done the same if I hadn't have been cornered with it by her first. Its one of those stupid things that create this never-ending chain that just irritated the piss out of me about that place! Complaints and gripes aside I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and that releaving::
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