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Noodles and Rice

::So I've decided to start posting again, even if no one reads, that's OK::

::My new thoughts come from the land of noodles and rice aka Big Bowl, the home of unnecessary drama and incredible stupidity::

::Erica is getting a divorce and has emotionally attached to Mark for comfort (and who knows what else) But Mark is in total love with Lily, and most likely has no intention of following through with any sort of fantasy Erica has projected onto him (that said Mark is probably just trying to be a good person and be supportive for her, unknowingly encouraging her grotesque crush)::

::Lily is married, sometimes happily, sometimes not, it depends on the day. On days/weeks/time clusters she is happy her and Mark have a strained 'friends' vibe that can walk a very tight line of love and disgust. When the marriage ain't so hot Mark and Lily are attached at the hip. They are incredibly similar in that they have such syncopated habits they could live flawlessly together and never miss a cigarette or that 14th cup of coffee for a little extra boost at 11pm::

::Ryan loves Clara (who is not a big bowler) but they broke up so Ryan took to hitting on several female staffers including Helen (who would kill me if she knew I was journal-ing about her). So Ryan pursued Helen until one day him and Clara were together again. Now the two cocaine-laced lovers can continue to have one of the most toxic and fucked up relationships I have ever witnessed (and that is saying A LOT)::

::Helen is a serial bachelorette. She is very pretty but has a fleet of 18 wheelers full of emotion baggage from only God knows what. Now this is a little "the pot calling the kettle black" since that totally describes me too but that's a can of worms NO ONE wants open. Why on earth Ryan zoomed in on her, for the month or so he did, is a quite the mystery::

::Kim is lovely, physically. And when she is in a good mood she also has a totally lovely personality. Recently her relationship ended, we think she got broken up with, and since then she has been a fire ball of 'tude. Absent and abrasive all at once. Salty and sassy and all around fucking annoying. Lauren recently got engaged and upon seeing Lauren's beautiful ring and the smile on that girls face Kim announces "that depresses me." I'm sorry, what? How about a congratulations for the girl who just had a diamond put on her finger!::

::Peter is, well, Peter. Drinks, and I mean DRINKS, every day. Works hungover and sometimes drunk every morning. Peter is in love with Kelley. In LOVE, L O V E, with her. And who wouldn't be. The best way to paint a picture of Kelley is to say she is every Disney princess wrapped in to one body, with the most beautiful hair you have ever seen, eyes that could catch the glow of a fire bug and light a football field, a killer set of boobs and a rock hard ass::

::Kelley is in love with Mat (another non big bowler) who was her ex that treated her like absolute shit and broke her heart into tiny little unfix able pieces. She dated Jose (an ex bowler) for awhile, but he was simply the the Spanish doppelganger of Mat because he was a down right douche as well. But now she is back with Mat, thinking things are different. Meanwhile Peter watches from the side lines, hoping she'll come around to him "some day"::

::And they all live in this little Americanized Asian world known as Big Bowl. "Like rice kernels through the steamer racks so are the Big Bowls of our lives"::
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