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Kung Pao or Pad Thai?

::The Bowl has been pretty drama free of late. No break ups or hook ups or break downs. Its been fairly calm. There is still a lot of bull shit we deal with daily, both from each other and from customers, but I think the bowlers are learning to handle things with a little more class::

::The one thing that is totally class-less is the game of human bumper cars a handful of employees like to play. To name a few: Peter, Ryan, Don, Justin, Mark, Luz, Jimmy, Victor. They all have this issue with space, it seems when there is ample space to get around someone and/or something they choose the less common route of through you instead of around you. They bash into you with all their might, shoving their way until they get to whatever it is they need. No one is safe. And if you are lucky enough to get an "excuse me" it is usually after you've been body slammed any which way against a wall or another person, a computer, a garbage can, whatever::

::And don't get any ideas about saying something to them because that is just rude. How dare you expect any sort of common courtesy from fellow co-workers. There may be no I in team but there certainly is a ME and they take that ME very seriously. They are busy, they can't wait the 1 minute its going to take to let you get out of those tiny bev station safely, oh no! Are you kidding? No no, it doesn't matter if you are busy too, all that matters is what they want, when they want it, and if you're in their way then you've got a target on your back!::

::Some of the worst offenders are the bartenders. I have a theory... they are so use to that little bar space that is all theirs, safe and off limits to everyone else except managers, who often get told to get out too. So when they are serving on the floor, away from their little safe "me" zone they can get territorial about common spaces. They get offended when you are in their way, but if you say "excuse me, I need to get in here please" they fly off a rail, offended that you need to get into what the consider "their space" before they are willing to share it!::

::Double standards run pretty deep in the land of noodles and rice. Managers can wear lots of jewelry, but if a non manager goes a little crazy on the bangles they are warned to "tone it down." Managers can wear their hair down, employees can't. Facial hair a little scruffy? Not a problem is you're a manager, but if you're a server "shave or take some time off until it grows in, no transitional facial hair."::

::The double standard that hits home the most for me is mood/attitude. I will be the first to admit that I am not sunshine and rainbows. I talk a lot and loudly and I have opinions that have a hard time keeping quiet. I'm a very emotional person, sometimes for good reason sometimes for bad and even no reason at all::

::My emotions affect me a lot and it can be INCREDIBLY hard for me to hide them. So when I'm in a mood that is anything but perfect I get talked to. I'm told "no one wants to be around you when you're in a mood, find a coping mechanism for your bad days and eventually you won't have them anymore." Really? OK, fair enough I guess. I can be pretty salty sometimes. But don't think for a second each and every one of those managers can't be just as moody, bitchy, goofy, pissy, snotty, mopey, and about a hundred other angst-y dwarfs too!!::

::Ray used to be the human mood ring, changed moods every couple hours. You never saw the change coming until your head was verbally sliced off and rolling on the floor. He had, well HAS, his favorites too. It took a while for him and I to find a common ground and a rhythm to that, but we have and I'm glad of it. He has really found a middle ground and is really great fun to be around, even when he is a little moody. Luna is a middle aged man trapped in the body of an emotional 17 year old girl. I can't even deal with him most of the time, I can only imagine what the kitchen staff thinks of him::

::Kim is a roller coaster of late, never know where she is in her daily emotional ride. That said Kim and I have gotten to what I think is a really safe place, for now. Linda is usually pretty peppy. She's a little like that girl in high school that never made it as a cheerleader but had all the heart for it and was just as annoying but not as bitchy. And Ryan (aka Dragon) is always the same; calm, collected and nice. Really he is just a nice guy. If you tick him off you've got something coming but it takes quite a bit to do that!::
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